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Harnessing the Healing Power of Pets for Youth Mental Health

Purina believes pets and people are better together, especially during difficult times. That’s why we’re helping lead the charge to address the youth mental health crisis by harnessing the power of pets—including our own.

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Purina Cares Here

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7 Out of 10 Teens Say They Struggle with Mental Health

Now more than ever, kids are dealing with persistent feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. Research shows animal-assisted therapy can make a real difference.

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The Purina Pet Therapy Program

As more people embrace the healing power of pets, the demand for therapy dogs has skyrocketed. Purina is helping make pet therapy accessible to more kids by helping employees get their pets certified.

Additional Ways Purina is Supporting Youth Mental Health

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Duo Dogs Litter Sponsorship

Purina is sponsoring a litter of Duo Dog puppies, who will go on to become certified facility or service dogs. Our employees are raising these Labrador Retrievers in their own homes until they move on to advanced training after 16 months.

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Purina Paws for Hope

Purina is helping bring the healing power of pets to St. Louis Children's Hospital. We started by opening the Purina Family Pet Center in 2016. Since then, we've not only helped connect the hospital with more pet therapy teams, but also added full-time facility dogs to their roster.