Bloggers at Purina

Pet Bloggers Get to Know Purina

Everyone wants to know more about what's in their pet's food, or better yet, what kind of company is behind it. That's why we invited some of your favorite cat and dog bloggers to visit our Purina PetCare headquarters and see what we're all about.

Sixteen bloggers came to visit us, and we spent a couple days answering their many questions, touring our facilities, taking them to dog and cat shows at Purina Farms and getting to know them better.

By the end of our time together, a lot of ground was covered. We had showed them the inspiration and research behind our products, and the science behind our ingredients. They learned about how and why Purina gives back to pet welfare organizations, and got to meet the employees who work alongside their own pets every day. Best of all, we got to learn more about their lives and where they're coming from.

Learn more about these pet bloggers and what they're doing for pets every day. 

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