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Forty-eight percent of domestic abuse survivors delay leaving because they can’t take their pets with them. Purina is working to change that by helping create pet-friendly domestic violence shelters so abuse survivors and their pets can escape and heal together.

For Help, Call the Domestic Violence Hotline 24/7 at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) or Visit TheHotline.org
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Raising Awareness for Domestic Abuse Survivors & Their Pets Through Art

Purina joined forces with renowned artist Kristen Visbal to bring to life a future the Purple Leash Project is aiming to shape. The new statue, titled Courageous Together, was unveiled in NYC and will be making its way around the country in 2024 to raise awareness of why pets are a crucial part of the conversation around domestic violence. 

portrait of Kristen Visbal

Kristen’s Inspiration

“The widespread impact of domestic violence is evidenced by startling, somber statistics,” Visbal said. “Through the creation of these sculptures portraying the bravery and bond between people and their pets, we hope to inspire survivors to walk away with courage and their pets in tow."  

“I want everyone—directly or indirectly affected—to join in support of the cause to ensure more places exist where survivors and pets can take the first step away from their abuser and toward a brighter future, together.”

Where to See Courageous Together in 2024

map of New York, with New York City highlighted with a star

New York City

ABC Studios | May 6 Statue Unveiled

map of New York, with New York City highlighted with a star

New York City

Westminster Kennel Club | May 11 - 13

map of Arkansas, with Rogers highlighted with a star

Rogers, Arkansas

WMT LPGA | September 27 - September 29

map of USA, with various cities highlighted with a star

The Tour Continues

Check back for future stops

How You Can Help

Help us increase the number of pet-friendly domestic violence shelters nationwide.

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