Community Outreach

Pets In The Community

The Purina Farms “Pets In the Community” Program exists to bring people and pets closer together in life-enriching ways. Pets inherently evoke feelings of compassion, respect and comfort, and they better connect us to the world we all share. The program consists of Purina Farms trainers and their rescued pets visiting schools, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and other community places and events to advocate for responsible pet ownership and promote the health and wellness benefits that come with positive interactions with animals.

If you are interested in bringing the Pets In The Community program to your organization or event, then please read through the process below and click on the link to take our eligibility quiz.

Application Process

In order to keep the process as efficient as possible, we no longer accept requests through email, fax, mail or phone. All requests must follow the steps below and go through our online system to be eligible for our giving programs.

1. Review Our Eligibility Guidelines

2. Take Our Purina Farms Pets In The Community Eligibility Quiz
After you complete our Eligibility Quiz, you’ll be invited to create a login for our online system.

3. Submit Your Application
If you are eligible to apply after taking our quiz and your organization’s tax status is verified, we will invite you to submit your application through our online system. We’ll get back to you within 10 business days with our decision regarding your application.

Note: Purina is unable to consider requests for the following:

  • Individuals or organizations without a valid tax identification number
  • Organizations operating outside of the United States
  • Organizations that apply more than once per calendar year

Although the Pets in the Community Program runs year-round, the school part of the program is only available December – February. Requests for the school program are accepted by phone starting the day after Labor Day. If your school is interested in signing up for the 2017-2018 school program, then please call 314-982-3232 between 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM starting September 5, 2017. Requests will not be accepted before this time. Watch this video to learn more about the school program.

Nestlé Purina also offers other community support outside of the Purina Farms Pets In The Community Program through product donations, disaster relief and grants for pet shelters, as well as event sponsorships. Find out more on how to apply for support.

Pet Welfare

Purina has a longstanding working relationship with a number of organizations committed to responsible pet ownership, including many pet welfare organizations. For years, Purina Farms has hosted a wide range of fundraising activities and events in conjunction with various local groups. If you or your group is interested in holding an event at Purina Farms, please contact Kaite Flamm at to find out about special rates and accommodations for non-profits.

Looking to adopt a pet? The following Purina Farms events will feature adoptable pets looking for forever homes: Springtime Village in March/April, Petapalooza on August 28, 2016, Haunted Hayloft at the end of October and Pet-acular Holiday Bazaar on December 3 & 4, 2016.

Learn more about Purina’s commitment to pet welfare.

Kids and Pets

Purina Farms is committed to fostering the next generation of pet lovers in order to create a more humane society. One of the most rewarding relationships in life is the one between a child and a pet. This relationship needs to be based in mutual respect and love. As part of our educational efforts, Purina Farms trainers and their dogs participated in a video that provides tips for making sure the interactions between pets and kids are positive and safe so they can be BEST FRIENDS! Enjoy the video and please share with friends and families because every child should be able to have the companionship of a pet!