calico cat on back snuggling against feet with red socks

Purina’s Commitment to Keeping Pets & People Together


People and pets are happier together. That’s why we’ve created ways to help make sure you and your pet aren’t separated through life’s circumstances.

Purina and red rover logo over a woman holding her dog wearing a purple leash and collar


Purina and RedRover® have partnered to create the Purple Leash Project, combining Purina’s commitment to keeping pets and people together and RedRover’s mission to bring animals and their owners from crisis to care. Together, we’re committed to transforming domestic violence shelters into pet-friendly spaces for survivors and their pets. 

two women holding baby at childrens hospital in saint louis


Time spent in a hospital usually means spending time away from familiar comforts, but it doesn’t have to. St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Purina partnered to create the Purina Family Pet Center, a custom space designed with Purina’s team of experts where family pets can safely visit their hospital-bound kids. Because being with your best friend while receiving care can be transformative. 

Purina employees working together to move bags of pet food for disaster relief


When a disaster occurs, Purina teams up with and GOODS to provide assistance needed to help keep people and pets together and rebuild our communities through grants and donations of Purina pet food and cat litter.