Supporting Communities
At Purina, we're passionate about pets and committed to serving the needs of the communities where we live and work. Our giving takes on many forms, from philanthropy to volunteerism to sharing expertise with non-profits.
Because we believe that people and pets are better together, our primary focus is centered around the well-being of pets and the people who love them. We work with pet shelters across the U.S. in addition to supporting organizations that benefit people and pets in our Headquarters city of St. Louis and communities where we operate our manufacturing facilities.
Purina Helping Pets and People Affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma
Purina Helping Pets and People Affected by Recent Hurricanes

As many families face the devastating challenges of recent hurricanes, some of the most vulnerable family members, pets, are suffering in the aftermath and in need of help. Purina is responding to the most recent natural disasters-Harvey, Irma and Maria - to provide relief and keep cats and dogs safe. Learn how we’re taking action and join in our ongoing relief efforts in the wake of these disasters.

How We Support Communities
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Pet Welfare

What pet welfare means to us, and what we're doing to make a difference.

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8 Causes We Support

Learn how we support communities across the nation through financial and pet food support.

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Pets in the Community at Purina Farms

Find out how we bring people and pets closer together through our Pets in the Community program at Purina Farms.

Supporting Communities
Nurturing a Better Environment

Annually, Nestlé Purina donates more than $7 million to U.S. pet-related charities and other community organizations and civic groups and nearly 6 million pounds - $19 million in retail value – of pet food, treats and litter to more than 900 animal welfare organizations.

How to Apply for Support

Nestlé Purina offers community support through product donations for pet shelters and disaster relief, grants and event sponsorships.

See How We're Acting On Our Values
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We've spent the last 9 decades honing our approach to nutrition.


How we're keeping the future in mind - from sourcing ingredients to product packaging.


We pride ourselves on our diverse and inclusive culture of passionate, talented pet lovers.