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About Bella Small Dog Food

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Bella dog food is crafted for the
unique needs of your small dog.

The Recipes They Want and the Nutrition They Need

The Bella lineup includes savory wet dog food patés, scrumptious grain-free patés with vegetables you can see, yummy natural dry dog food with added vitamins and minerals, and delicious soups to complement meals, all made to delight small dogs.

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Pampering Moments

Your small dog depends on you to know what they want and need. You can trust Bella to be the wholesome food they love to eat.

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Pleasing Variety

An assortment of options, including wet patés, dry foods, and savory soups. With Bella, your little one will never be bored at or between mealtimes.

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Nourishing Meals

Small dogs have higher metabolisms, longer life expectancy and different needs than larger dogs. Bella is specially formulated for those nutritional needs.

Where to Buy Bella Dog Food

Find your small dog’s favorite food at your favorite store.

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  • 5/5
Bella Natural Bites

My little dog Petie just loves Bella Natural Bites with the chicken & turkey the carrots and green beans. Each time I put it in his bowl, he would eat it all up and it didn't upset his tummy like other dog foods I had been giving him. Now I buy my little guy Bella Natural Bites.