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5 Tips for Enjoying the Season, Inspired by Small Dogs

Pomeranian dog on blankets

Ah, autumn. The changing leaves, the hot drinks, the crackling fires.
The shorter days, the colder weather, the seasonal flu… Winter is coming!

It’s easy to be distracted by the less-than-pleasant aspects of the season and lose
sight of the wonderful things about this time of year. But everything we need to
know about enjoying the season can be learned from our small dogs.

Image of Pomeranian dog in leaves

Shift Your Perspective

This isn’t as philosophically profound as it sounds. It comes from a story told by Sandy, one of the small dog people here at Bella. Of her little one, Sandy says, “What Roxy enjoys about fall is leaves. She loves it when the wind picks up a leaf and blows it across the yard, she loves to chase it stomp on it and then rip it up.” That’s fun! Roxy sees a harmless leaf as a chance to chase, pounce and let off some steam. In the same vein, we often see fallen leaves as a nuisance, a chore that we have to complete. But what if we look at cleaning up leaves as a chance to spend some time outdoors, getting some fresh air and light exercise?

image of black and brown dachshund dog on womans lap

Embrace Hygge

Hygge (pronounced hyoo·guh) is a Danish word that’s all about coziness, comfort, joy, and togetherness. It’s both a state of mind and a state of your physical self and environment. When a small dog is laying on you, tucked in and sound asleep, you have no choice but to cuddle up, cover up, perhaps light a candle or a fire and pick up a good book – that’s hygge. Embrace the calm, cozy comfort just like your small dog does.

white frenchy dog in red sweater on couch

Look Good, Feel Good

Picture your small dog in a sweater. She or he looks great, right? The sweater doesn’t have to be trendy or even “nice.” They strut around as if it’s the finest cashmere though because they feel good. While we can’t help but care about fashion a bit more than our small dog, it is inspiring. It reminds us that feeling good is half of what makes clothes look good. The other half is actually looking good. Wear the clothes that do both. Don’t give up comfort for fashion.

image of small brown dog in winter coat and boots in the snow

Sport Functional Footwear

Speaking of fashion, let’s talk shoes. Our small dogs put function first over fashion. Or we put function first on their behalf, dressing them in dog boots to protect their paws from ice and salt. Too often we’ve worn some great looking shoes that aren’t warm, don’t have good traction, and in no way were made for the season. Be like the small dog—if you live where it’s cold, wet, or icy, treat yourself to a solid pair of shoes for the season.
We guarantee you won’t regret it.

image of small white, brown, and black dog smiling

Enjoy What You Like

What kind of circular logic is this?! It’s not. To explain, we have another small dog story from another small dog person here at Bella. Sarah’s little gal, Georgie, loves to drink water from fancy teacups. Georgie doesn’t save the fancy teacups for a special occasion; she uses them because for some odd, but absolutely adorable, reason she just loves to drink from them. It’s a welcome reminder to use the good dishes, sit on the nice furniture, wear your favorite top, drink the PSL even if others call you “basic.”

We’d love to hear how your small dog inspires you to enjoy every moment.
Let us know on Facebook! Even better, share a pic—we’d love to see it!

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