Each little tray of deliciousness delivers the special nutrition small dogs need in the flavors they love. Pamper your precious one with Bella Patés and make every meal an everyday delight.

Morsels in Sauce

Morsels in sauce bella dog food

Give your little dog a high
protein dog food with Purina
Bella Morsels in Sauce wet
dog food available in a
variety of flavors.

light blue pattern for bella small dog food
bella morsels in sauce wet dog food
tender meaty bite sized morsels mixed with real vegetables in a scrumptious sauce

Bella Morsels in Sauce

Give your small dog a meal that’s as delicious as it is nutritious – Bella Morsels in Sauce! Tender, meaty bite-sized morsels are mixed with real vegetables you can see, all in a scrumptious sauce. And it’s made just for small dogs’ nutritional needs, so you can feel good knowing you’re both nourishing and delighting your little one at every meal.

4 packages of morsels in sauce bella dog food

-  Meaty, Bite-Sized Morsels in a Savory Sauce

-  Made With Real Vegetables You Can See

-  No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives

-  100% Complete and Balanced for Adult Small Dogs

-  Nutrient-Rich to Help Support Their Higher Metabolism

-  Protein-Rich to Help Support Strong Muscles

-  Antioxidant Blend Tailored to Help Support Their Immune System

-  Supports Health Throughout the Longer Life Expectancy of Small Dogs

-  Small Size 3.5 Oz Tray