Understanding Cat Food

Learn exactly what your cat needs to thrive, from water to essentials of food.
Learn the signs and symptoms of allergies in your cat, from food to environment.
Consider your cat's nutritional needs to assess whether supplements are necessary.
Get control of your cat's weight-- before it gets out of hand.
Learn to decode the sometimes confusing terms and jargon on cat food labels.
Learn what food is right for your cat's unique developmental stage.
Before you feed your cat human food, consider these facts about cat nutrition
Learn what trends are beneficial for your cat, and which are not so hot.
From protein to carbs to minerals, learn why we formulate food the way we do.
From her immune system to her teeth, learn what your cat requires as necessary in her food.
Cats can be difficult creatures to understand. Owners are often left wondering how to best care for them. “Should I feed my cat wet food?” or “Is dry food better for cats?” are valid questions. They hint at a core desire of all caring pet owners: how can I best meet my cat’s nutritional needs?
Have you ever wondered how much food should I feed my cat? Your cat and her lifestyle are two factors to consider. Learn some tips for how much to feed your cat.