Christmas & Holiday Cat Treat Gifts

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Christmas & Holiday Cat Treat Gifts

Christmas is one of those special holidays that draws families together. Each year, people who celebrate Christmas create memories that will last a lifetime.

So, it’s only natural people want to share the spirit of joy and giving with their cats. One surefire way to make the holidays bright is by giving your cat Christmas gifts, maybe in the form of toys or a few holiday cat treats.

Christmas Cat Treats

If you’re not sure what to give your feline friend during the holidays, one of the best gifts for cats is simply the gift of food. Whether it’s new cat food for them to try, a variety of holiday recipes, or a bag of their favorite treats, presenting them with a tasty food item is probably all you need to fill your cat with joy, or at least delicious food.

Holiday Foods Cats Can Enjoy

Cats can enjoy many people foods, and the holidays are an excellent time to allow them to indulge in some of the foods you might be enjoying. Since cats are obligate carnivores, any meat served at holiday dinner will surely pique their interest.

If you’re cooking a turkey or ham for Christmas dinner, adding a small piece to their food dish is a gift your cat is unlikely to refuse. Just remove the skin and bones of the turkey first. Other meats you can feed your cat include chicken and various kinds of fish. Make sure all meat is thoroughly cooked and do not feed your cat any processed meat.

Other food items you can include in your cat’s holiday food menu are vegetables like steamed broccoli, green beans, carrots and asparagus.  If you’re looking for dessert options, small amounts of blueberries, apple or banana may appeal to your cat—just keep portions small.

If your holidays include cheese, your cat may be interested in trying a tiny amount of cottage cheese or maybe some cheddar, but more than just a taste may cause upset stomach and diarrhea, so go light.

Holiday Foods Your Cats Shouldn’t Eat

We’ve already mentioned that processed meat isn’t healthy for cats, but that’s not the only holiday food item to avoid. Grapes and raisins are toxic to both cats and dogs and should be kept far out of reach.

Foods to avoid include anything containing garlic, onion, chives, or anything high in carbohydrates, as cats don’t have the proper number of enzymes to fully digest them, leading to health problems over time. That means your cat will have to forego the mashed potatoes and gravy and any tasty pies for dessert.

Chocolate—especially dark chocolate—is also unhealthy for cats. You should keep any raw or uncooked bread dough out of reach. The same goes for foods containing bones or seeds unless you remove them first. Under no circumstance should a cat be given any alcohol or food containing alcohol.

If your cat ingests any of these items or something else you find concerning, call the Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) at: (888) 426-4435. They’re available 24/7, including holidays, though they may charge a fee for any services provided. 

Other Christmas Gifts for Cats

A new cat toy is sure to get your cat in the holiday mood. Whether it’s a feather wand toy, interactive treat dispenser, wool toy or a toy infused with catnip or an enriching game, will give your cat some much-needed playtime and attention during the hectic holiday season.

Showing Your Cat Affection

Since the holidays are all about friends and family getting together to express their love and appreciation for one another, one of the best Christmas gifts you can give your cat is simply showing them love and affection. Whether it’s scooping them up in your arms, letting them curl up on your lap or giving them an appreciative scratch, they’ll know they’re loved.

For more holiday tips from our experts, visit our Pet Expertise page.

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