Best Cats for Multi-Pet Households

If your household already includes dogs or cats, you’ll want to select a cat breed that is non-territorial and gets along well with others. Shy, skittish or aggressive breeds are not a good fit for a multiple-cat household.

Choose a breed with an even temperament. You’ll also likely want a cat that is easygoing and friendly.

Try to pick breeds that complement each other. Consider pairing an older cat with a kitten, or a high-energy cat with a low-energy cat. Intelligent breeds pair well together, as they can easily adapt to new situations and environments.

Early socialization and training is important to help your pets adjust to your growing brood. Be sure to introduce them to each other gradually and give them plenty of time to get acquainted. Some breeds take longer than others to warm up to a new situation or environment. Always be cautious when introducing pets together for the first time.  

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