Puppy Food


Puppies have specific nutritional needs during their first one to two years of life. Adult dog food may not have all the nutrients puppies need for healthy growth and development. By choosing one of our high-quality puppy foods, you’re giving your pup the nutrition he needs to become a healthy adult dog.

Why Feed Puppy Food?


An omega fatty acid to support brain & vision development


Support developing immune systems


High-quality protein supports growing muscles


Why Puppies Need Puppy Food

According to Purina veterinarian Dr. RuthAnn Lobos, puppies have specific nutritional requirements to support their growth and development. Watch the video to learn more about how puppy food helps your pup during the first one to two years of his life.

How much to feed a puppy is just one of the many questions new puppy owners have. Our complete puppy feeding guide and chart includes expert advice to help you navigate how, when and what to feed your new puppy.
Wondering what to feed a puppy? With so many options, it can be hard to choose. The important thing to remember is puppies need a complete and balanced puppy food. Learn more about what to feed puppies from Purina’s experts here.
Curious about when to stop feeding puppy food? Maturity varies by breed, so there’s no one-size-fits-all timeline. Purina’s experts explain here.


What Puppy Owners are Saying

See why these puppy owners love our puppy food.

  • 5/5
Puppy Chow

My puppies absolutely love it! They love the variety of texture and when they are first getting their teeth the softer morsels are easy for them to chew.

  • 5/5
Pro Plan Savor Puppy

I have been using this for my puppy and he loves it. He has the best coat I have ever seen on a dog. It gives him everything he needs and he loves this food.


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