Entrées inspired by global cuisine. 

  • Made with real, high-quality white meat chicken  
  • No artificial preservatives  
  • Crafted with the expertise of chefs and cat nutritionists  
  • 100% complete & balanced for adult cats  


  • White Meat Chicken Florentine Wet Cat Food With Spinach in a Light Broth  (4 cans)  
  • White Meat Chicken Primavera Wet Cat Food With Tomatoes, Carrots & Spinach in a Silky Broth  (4 cans)  
  • White Meat Chicken Tuscany Wet Cat Food with Long Grain Rice & Spinach in a Savory Sauce (4 cans)  

See individual products for ingredient and nutrition information.  

Product Description

Three delicious white meat chicken recipes inspired by dishes from around the world.  

Give Your Cat the World

Crafted with exceptional ingredients, each Medley’s entrée brings the finest flavors from around the globe to your cat’s dish. Give your cat the world, and savor your journey together.