Fancy Feast Senior Classic Chicken Paté, Beef Paté, Chicken In Gravy & Tuna In Gravy Variety Pack Wet Cat Food – 12 Cans



Delicious entrées crafted for senior cats.

  • Made with real poultry, beef or seafood
  • Taurine to help maintain clear vision
  • Vitamin E to nourish healthy skin & coat
  • Protein-rich nutrition

Contains: Senior Chicken Feast Classic Paté (3 cans), Beef Feast Classic Paté (3 cans), Chicken Feast in Gravy (3 cans), Tuna Feast in Gravy (3 cans)

See individual products for ingredient and nutrition information.

Product Description

A collection of delightful feasts specially crafted for senior cats.

Products Included In Variety Pack