Friskies Lil Grillers Cat Food Topper Variety Pack 30 Count



  • Seared pieces made with real poultry or seafood   
  • Savory gravy for a taste cats love    
  • A tasty complement to your cat's complete and balanced diet    
  • Contains no artificial preservatives    
  • Serve as a topper or yummy snack between meals

Available Sizes

  • 30ct

Product Description

With meals or between meals, anytime is the right time for this cat food complement. Mix things up with this online-exclusive variety pack!

Products included in this Pack

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Made with real chicken, this cat food complement is purr-fect with a meal or as a yummy snack!

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Seared pieces in a savory gravy. This cat food complement gives your cat the grill experience, without you having to supervise their use of the BBQ pit.

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Add this cat food complement to a meal, or serve it in-between meals. Anytime is the right time to tantalize your cat's taste buds.

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Seared and savory, with turkey in gravy. Between meals this cat food complement is yummy, or add it to meals if that pleases your cat's tummy.