Meet Dr. Sandra Lyn, PhD

Updated: 12/14/20231-2 minutes
sandra lyn

Dr. Sandra Lyn is the Senior Manager for Global Pet Behavior and Welfare Research at Nestlé Purina. In her current role, Sandra is responsible for leading the team to develop and utilize our expertise in pet behavior, welfare and the Human Animal Bond (HAB) for product development, scientific communication and best in class pet care. Sandra joined Nestlé Purina in 2000 and was responsible for developing Nestlé Purina’s pet feeding behavior research program and expertise.

Sandra earned her BA in Psychology and History from Illinois Wesleyan University, MA and PhD in Psychology from the University of Florida. Her PhD research focused on Behavioral Psychology, specifically ingestive behavior. Sandra also developed and taught courses in Psychology and Behavior while in graduate school that turned out to be quite practical as she regularly creates and gives talks on cat and dog behavior to audiences inside and outside of Nestlé Purina.

Sandra has 31 years of experience conducting animal behavior research, 18 of those years studying the feeding behavior of cats and dogs. When she is not traveling to Amiens and St. Joseph, St. Louis Missouri is home for Sandra. She was fortunate enough to be adopted by three cats Tommie, Alice and Bean that are always teaching her more about the amazing cognitive, social and emotional capabilities of cats.

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