• Natural With Added Vitamins, Minerals & Nutrients
  • Real Chicken is #1 Ingredient
  • High Protein Supports Kittens’ Growing Muscles
  • Supports Vision & Brain Development
  • Contains DHA, a Nutrient Found in Mothers’ Milk
  • Purina ONE Formulas Are Veterinarian Recommended

Product Description

Nature. Research. Results.

No matter how far science advances us, we always look to nature to inspire us. Purina ONE +Plus Healthy Kitten Formula combines nature and research for results you can see in your kitten. That includes a SmartBlend® of high-quality ingredients, plus DHA, a nutrient also found in mothers’ milk, to help support vision and brain development in a formula optimized to meet the unique needs of kittens. See the results Purina ONE can make in your cat.

Purina ONE Cat +Plus Tailored Formulas build on an already solid foundation, creating tailored pet food options that support specific needs like ideal weight, healthy aging, hairballs and more. From energy and immune health to strong muscles, including a healthy heart, these high-quality formulas combine nature and research for results you can see in your cat. Try dry and wet food options from veterinarian recommended Purina ONE today.