• Smart, simple, larger design with high-sided walls to keep the mess contained
  • Outstanding odor control, with simple cleanup
  • Anti-tracking Breeze cat litter pellets
  • Super absorbent cat litter pads prevent ammonia odor for 7 days, guaranteed
  • Just change pad weekly,* and pellets monthly
  • Kit contents include all-in-one XL litter box system, scoop, (2) 3.5 lb. bag of pellets, and (4) disposable cat pads

*For one cat

Available Sizes

  • Original, Hooded and Extra Large

Product Description

Meet the Breeze extra large litter box! Tidy has renovated our all-in-one litter system by adding high-sided walls that are nearly 2x higher than the original system and a toileting area that’s 2x larger. It’s the same outstanding odor control and simple cleanup you love—just in a roomier design. (Because sometimes your cat just needs a little extra space to do his, ahem, business.)