Tips to Keep Pets Happy & Healthy During Quarantine


We believe pets and people are better together, and that’s never been truer than during times of crisis.

Resources for Pet Owners

While we’re all spending more time at home with our pets, help keep them active and engaged through games. Bonus—games can also brighten your mood. If you have kids at home, help strengthen the bond they share with pets—and give them a sense of purpose in these uncertain times—by involving them in your pet’s care.

Keeping Pets Happy & Healthy During Quarantine

10 Tips to Keep Dogs & Cats Happy Indoors

When you’re stuck inside, having pets can make the time a lot more enjoyable—but can also present some challenges. Purina’s pet behaviorists share tips to keep you and your pet happy when you’re stuck inside.

Woman welcoming dog with anxiety

Tips to Comfort Cats and Dogs with Separation Anxiety

Downtime at home often means pets get to bond with all the members of the family. Whether you’re returning to work or school, when it’s time to transition to a regular routine, pets struggle just like the rest of us.

child feeding cat purina food

Teaching Kids to Care for Dogs & Cats

Caring for a family pet is a great way to develop responsibility in kids. There are many rewarding ways to engage kids in pet care, and now is a perfect time to guide them, with these tips from Purina pet behavior experts.

child reading to a dog

4 Reasons Reading to Dogs Benefits Kids

Kick your feet up and let your dog help with the homework. Making your furry friend your kid’s new reading companion has measurable benefits. Let’s look at how this helps elevate your child’s reading experience. 

Two dogs looking out window

Pet Disaster Preparedness: Tips for Creating a Pet Emergency Kit

A pet emergency kit and disaster preparedness plan can help ensure you and your pet stay together in a worst-case scenario. Find out how to create your own pet disaster preparedness plan and emergency kit here.


5 Benefits of Dogs & Children Growing Up Together

Dogs and kids share a special bond. As children grow up alongside their canine companions, they learn compassion, responsibility and more. Plus, kids with dogs are often more active. See all the benefits here.


Cat Stress: Is My Cat Stressed Out?

Cats are great at relieving our stress, but they can get stressed out, too! Environmental changes, overstimulation and more can all cause your cat stress. Learn about these common stressors and how to calm your cat here.

Dog digging behavior in backyard

How to Address Pulling on Leash and Other Problem Dog Behaviors

Is your dog displaying a “bad dog” behavior that is causing you frustration? Explore the causes of common dog behaviors that trouble owners, and get advice from pet behavior experts on how to correct them.

cat meowing

Why Do Cats Meow?

Cats and humans share a special bond. Case in point—the meow, which they use almost exclusively to communicate with us. Purina pet behavior experts answer the questions of why do cats meow, and what those meows mean.

Fun & Games

Playing games with your pets can help brighten your mood. Plus, games are a great way to keep pets active and can also provide them much-needed mental stimulation. Here are some fun games you can play together.

10 Creative Dog & Cat Enrichment Ideas

10 Creative Dog & Cat Enrichment Ideas

Spending extended periods of time indoors can be tedious and overwhelming for everyone, including pets. Taking time to come up with some creative enrichment activities for dogs and cats can help keep things interesting. 

Cat playing on a DIY Cat scratching post

DIY Cat Scratching Post: Stretch & Claw the Natural Way

Indoor cats need ways to stretch and maintain their claws without damaging your house or furniture. Offer them a designated place to do this natural behavior with a DIY cat scratching post.

DIY Cat puzzle feeder water bottle

How to Make a Puzzle Cat Feeder

Cats enjoy challenges that stimulate their natural instincts—especially surrounding feeding time. Here are some DIY puzzle feeder ideas that are inexpensive and easy to build at home.

Cat playing with DIY wand cat toy

How to Make a DIY Wand Cat Toy

Cats are natural hunters, but indoor cats don’t always get to use those skills. Help them tap into their prey drive with a DIY wand cat toy.

Games to Play with Your Cat

Games to Play with Your Cat

Playing games with your cat will not only help keep her active, but they can also provide much-needed enrichment and mental stimulation. Not to mention, playing games together can reduce your stress and strengthen the bond you share.  

5 Games to Play with Your Dog

5 Games to Play with Your Dog

Playing games with your dog is about more than just physical activity. The best games for dogs also offer mental stimulation and help strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Find out which games to play with him here.

At-Home Grooming Tips

Your dog or cat’s coat may need some extra attention if you can’t make it to the groomer. It’s also important to keep their nails trimmed. These tasks can seem daunting, but we have tips to help make them stress-free for everyone. 

Person brushing a dogs teeth

How to Groom a Dog at Home

As we’re spending time at home, some pet grooming services aren’t available. Here are practices you can try at home to keep your dog feeling his best.

Person combing a cat

Guide to Grooming a Cat

Spending more time at home offers the opportunity to bond with your cat and grooming a great way to do this. Check out these tips to make it easier.

How to Cut Dog Nails in 7 Easy Steps

How to Cut Dog Nails in 7 Easy Steps

Cutting your dog’s nails can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Read this guide for step-by-step instructions on giving your dog a pain-free nail trim.  

How to Give Your Dog a Bath

How to Give Your Dog a Bath

Regular baths are important in helping your dog look and feel his best, but they can get messy. Read these tips for a less messy, stressful bath time experience for you and your dog.

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Cleaning your dog’s ears is an essential grooming task to prevent irritation and other problems. Knowing how to clean them properly is critical. Find out how to clean your dog’s ears here. 

Adoption & Fostering

With so many Americans spending more time at home, pet adoption and fostering has increased dramatically. If you’re considering adopting or fostering—or if you’ve recently brought home a new pet—here are some tips for a smooth transition.


How to Adopt a Dog

Adopting a dog is a big step. There are a lot of things to consider, from choosing the right dog for your lifestyle to deciding where to adopt from. Let us help you find the perfect canine companion.

Bring home your new cat

Bringing Your New Cat Home

Whether you’re adopting or fostering a new cat or kitten, it’s important to slowly introduce her to her new home and family members. This gives her time to adjust and acclimate to her new surroundings.


What Does My Puppy Need?

Bringing home a new puppy is exciting! Make sure you’re prepared with everything he’ll need, from a cute leash and collar to food and toys. See all the essentials your new puppy will need here.

Introducing a New Puppy thumbnail

Introducing a New Puppy

If you’re adding a new puppy to your family, there are lots of things you and your family can do help him settle into his new home. Try these tips from Purina pet behavior experts to make your puppy’s transition easier. 

New Kittens first weeks at home

New Kitten’s First Few Weeks at Home

When a new kitten joins your family, the first few weeks at home are a time of learning and discovery for everyone. These tips from Purina pet behavior experts will help you set the tone for socialization and schedules. 

6 Ways to Make Your Cat Feel at Home

6 Ways to Make Your Cat Feel at Home

Our cats at home display behaviors and preferences that stretch back to their wild ancestors. Here’s some guidance from Purina pet behavior experts to help make your home more enticing for the wild feline inside your cat. 

20 Questions to Ask Before You Foster a Dog

20 Questions to Ask Before You Foster a Dog

Fostering a dog can be a rewarding experience for everyone involved, but it’s important to communicate about expectations and responsibilities. Ask the shelter or rescue these questions, both about the dog and the fostering process.

Fostering Dogs with Cats in the House

Fostering Dogs with Cats in the House

Believe it or not, foster dogs and cats can peacefully coexist, but it takes some work to help ensure success. Find out whether it’s a good idea to bring home a foster dog to your cats and how to ensure a smooth transition for everyone. 

Woman holding her dog during covid stress

COVID-19 Pet Stress, Training & Behavior Tips & Advice for Pet Owners and Foster Families

With the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic, our new normal seems to change every day. Those changes affect our pets, too. Here are some simple tips to help your furry friend adapt to an ever-changing landscape—whether you’re a pet parent, new adopter or fostering a dog or cat.

Looking down at dog with hands petting

COVID-19 Veterinary, Financial & Other Pet Resources

What do you do if your pet needs veterinary care during the coronavirus pandemic? Caring for our pets is a bit different right now, but there are still plenty of resources available, should you need them.

Donate to Support Pets in Need

While our pets at home provide much needed companionship during this critical time, other pets—and the organizations that support them—are in need of help. If you’re able and would like to support pets in need during this time of crisis, please consider making a donation to one of our charitable partners.

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