Explore Purina Farms Virtually! #purinafarmstohome 

Purina Farms expert with dog catching frisbee

Virtual Purina Farms

Right now, we are closed until further notice, but that is not going to stop us from bringing the best of Purina Farms to you through our #purinafarmstohome program. Choose from a virtual pet-centric birthday greeting or a visit by one of our Purina Farms experts during your online group gathering. Have a pet education box filled with pet care activity guides, training tips, and learning tools sent to your home or take a virtual field trip of Purina Farms and meet all our wonderful resident pets.



Virtual Birthday Greetings

Introducing virtual birthday greetings from your friends at Purina Farms. We’ll email you a video of our birthday song featuring the animal residents of Purina Farms and include a personalized message in the email with our well wishes. Although the greeting is free, we encourage making a $10 donation to the APA of Missouri, one of our animal welfare organization partners, if you are able.

Call us M-F anytime between 9:30a.m – 3:30p.m. at 314-982-3232 to request a greeting or email us at [email protected]



purina farms expert holding dog with frisbee
Expert Drop In

Is your group, camp or troop meeting virtually? How about a Purina Farms complimentary expert drop-in to answer all of your pet-related questions? One of our Purina Incredible Dog Team trainers and an animal caretaker will introduce you to some amazing canine athletes and lovable farms animals while offering insight into providing the best care and how to establish a relationship with them rooted in mutual respect and love.

Just contact us M-F anytime between 9:30a.m. – 3:30p.m. at 314-982-3232 to request a greeting or email us at [email protected] to schedule a time and date. Then, send us a password-protected invitation to join your online gathering. 



Pet Education Boxes

Order a box filled with fun games and educational activities for the young pet lover in your home. Box contents designed especially for kids under the age of 10 include the following: 

  • Printed activity book featuring word searches, coloring pages and matching games
  • Checkerboard Charlie puzzle
  • Better with Pets BookMark
  • Lola Gets A Cat Book
  • Purina water bottle, crayons and pet treat training pouch 
  • Training Tips Packet From The Purina Incredible Dog Team trainers

Boxes are $25 each. Please allow 8-10 business days for shipping.



Purina Farms helpers showing donkeys to camera
Virtual Field Trip

Take a tour of Purina Farms from the comforts of your home. Virtually meet all the wonderful animals that call Purina Farms home and the canines who perform as part of the Purina Incredible Dog Team. Hear from the Purina Farms team of pet lovers on the unique characteristics of each pet featured during the field trip and discover interesting facts about their abilities, personalities and care.


Incredible Performing Pets

Enjoy this action-packed performance by the Purina Incredible Dog Team, which normally performs at Purina Farms throughout the year when we are open for the general public. The Team consists of more than 20 remarkably gifted canines and 4 talented trainers who entertain audiences with extraordinary feats of athleticism and skill.  During a show, the canine team members astound crowds with advanced feats of athleticism that include vaulting off a trainer’s back to snag a flying disc in mid-air, catching multiple long-distance flying disc throws in a row and performing acrobatic and balancing acts like flipping and weaving backwards through the trainers’ legs. The team, which features several rescue dogs, is on a mission to prove that with premium, high-quality nutrition, proper training and lots of unconditional love that any dog has the ability to be truly incredible.