Is My Cat Her Ideal Weight or Overweight?

a cat is eating

Your Cat’s Weight

Over time, you may notice your cat packing on some weight. This might seem like it’s not a major problem, but your cat’s weight is actually an important factor in her overall health and well-being.

Adjusting Your Cat’s Diet

Here are 3 simple ways to tell if your cat's diet needs an adjustment.

Rib Check: Place both of your thumbs on your cat's backbone and spread both hands across her rib cage. You want to be able to feel her ribs. Actually feeling your cat is important, as the coat of many cats will make a visual check difficult.

Profile Check: Examine your cat's profile – it’s best if you are level with your cat. Look for the abdomen to be tucked up behind her rib cage – this is ideal.

Overhead Check: Looking at your cat from above, identify whether you can see a waist behind her ribs. 

If you find that your cat doesn’t “pass” the checks above, she may be overweight. We hope this quick check empowers you to assess whether your cat is at her proper weight.

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