What is Average Cat Weight?

Average Cat Weight

Did you know a single excess pound on a Domestic Shorthair, Longhair or Medium-Hair cat is equal to 14 to 15 pounds on a 5'4" woman?

This makes it all the more important for your cat to maintain a healthy weight. Is there an average number you should aim for, though? Unfortunately, there is no “average cat weight,” despite what online resources may say.

The Problem with “Average” Cat Weight

Resources listing an average weight or range may not take into consideration other factors that affect weight. Factors like breed, sex and spayed/neutered status could all have an impact.

For example, the weight range for a Siamese Cat is 8 to 15 pounds. Females typically weigh 8 to 12 pounds, however, while males can weigh 11 to 15. So a 15-pound female Siamese would be overweight, whereas that might be healthy for a male.

Those resources also don’t account for mixed breed cats. If your cat is a mix of two or more breeds, you may struggle to pinpoint an average weight or range for her. What then?

A Better Way to Determine Your Cat’s Ideal Weight

Although your veterinarian may have your cat step on the scale at her next appointment, they’ll use more than this number to assess her health.

Veterinarians use a Body Condition Score (BCS) to visually and physically assess whether your cat is over or underweight. You can perform the same assessment yourself at home. See how to get your cat’s BCS here.

What if My Cat is Overweight?

If you or your veterinarian have taken your cat’s BCS and she’s overweight, it’s time for a change. Your veterinarian may recommend switching to a weight management cat food to help her achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

You may also want to incorporate more activity into your cat’s day-to-day life. See our article on helping cats lose weight for more tips.

What if My Cat is Underweight?

Obesity is a concern with many cat breeds, but it’s possible for some cats to be underweight. This may be especially true if you’ve recently adopted a cat or taken in a stray.

If your cat’s BCS indicates she’s too thin, your veterinarian may recommend a high-calorie cat food to help her gain weight. A weight management formula can help her maintain her ideal body condition long-term.

It’s tempting to give your underweight cat as many calories as possible, regardless of the source. You don’t want to go overboard with treats right now, though. These can lack essential nutrients your cat needs and cause her to gain too much fat.

Don’t overlook exercise and activities, either. These are important to help your cat build muscle, which will help her put on weight in a healthy manner.

Average Cat Weight Does Not Exist

It’s impossible to identify a true average cat weight because no cat is average and every breed is unique.

Only you and your veterinarian can determine your cat’s ideal body condition and come up with a plan to help her achieve and maintain a healthy weight. To learn more, explore all our cat health articles.


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