How to Choose the Best Dog Bowl

Behavior and Training

Choosing a Dog Dish

Your dog’s dish is among his most prized possessions. He identifies it with the dog food that he loves, and he looks to you every day to fill it up.

Go Bowling

Look for a bowl that will resist tipping over and is easy to clean. Separate bowls for food and water will help keep your dog's feeding area tidy. You may want to buy a smaller bowl when your dog is a puppy, and upgrade to larger ones as he grows and needs more food.

Feeding Tip

You may also want a standard 8 ounce measuring cup so that you can feed your dog the amount recommended on the package.

Your Dog’s Eating Habits

Above all, pay attention to what your dog needs. Take cues from his eating habits. If he is constantly tipping his dish over to get at his food, his bowl may be too small. If he has to move around to get at his food, it may be too big. Every dog is different, and every dog needs a dish.

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