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DHA For Brain &
Vision Development

High Protein For Muscle Development

High Protein For
Muscle Development

Antioxidants For Immune System Health

Antioxidants For
Immune Health

Complete & Balanced To Nourish Growth

Complete & Balanced
To Nourish Growth

Helpful Expertise for Your Growing Kitten.


When to switch from Kitten food to adult
Wondering when to switch from kitten food to cat food? Find out when and how to make the switch to ensure your cat is always getting the right nutrition for her life stage.
grey kitten feeding at blue bowl
Choosing the right food for your kitten is an important decision. Nutrition supports her growth, development and can even affect her behavior.
New Cat Owner Litter Guide
Check out our new cat owner cat litter guide to answer all your questions on kitty and cat litter. Keep your cat happy with litter box tips and advice!
striped kitten on the floor
Make your kitten's first weeks count; set the tone for socialization and schedules.

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