Should I Get a Kitten?

Should I get a new kitten

Pre-kitten questions to help see if you’re ready for the responsibility.

If you’re considering bringing a kitten into your home, don’t just think about the immediate commitment. Also think about making this same commitment of caring and companionship for the next 15 to 20 years—it’s possible you’ll be together for that long. And you’ll want to make sure you can help them live their best life from day one through all of their senior years.

Begin by thinking through some questions:

Is your home pet-friendly and can it be made kitten-proof?

Can you afford high-quality food and litter?

Can you cover the cost of vaccinations and vet visits?

Are you able to keep up with litterbox cleaning and help maintain grooming?

Do you have the time and willingness to give your kitten the attention and direction they need?

Once you know if a commitment to a kitten makes sense for you and your lifestyle, you can begin your search for a new companion. And soon enjoy sharing a life together.

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