Does Purina Make Cat Foods for Senior Cats? Yes We Do.

Senior Cats

Purina® Senior Cat Foods

Several Purina® brands have special formulas designed for senior cats .

As cats age, they go through two notable life cycles. Cats between the ages of seven and 11 years are considered senior, and cats 11 years of age or older are considered geriatric. Each stage requires special dietary considerations.

Senior Nutrition

Senior cats between the ages of seven and 11 are more prone to be overweight or even obese.

Some cats over 11years of age go through changes that can cause them to lose body weight and fall below their ideal weight. Many have trouble digesting fat and protein, resulting in weight loss. As cats get older, they may have difficulty digesting fat. For example, 10 to 15 percent of cats between the ages of seven and 12 years have fat digestion issues, and one-third of cats over the age of 12 years experience such problems. Low protein digestibility affects about 20 percent of cats over the age of 14 years. While the nutrient requirements for healthy older cats are similar to those of younger, adult cats, some older cats may benefit from a more energy-dense kibble to help ensure they receive proper nutrition required to maintain body weight. 

See whether or not your favorite brand of Purina® cat food offers a senior formula by visiting our senior cat products page.

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