At Beneful, we believe in filling bowls with the goodness of healthy & the joy of happy.

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Why Beneful

Made with good-for-you ingredients like real meats & vitamin-rich veggies, Beneful dog food brings your best buddy tons of tastes & textures to nourish both inside & out. It’s that simple: 100% complete and balanced.

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Beneful Wet Dog Food

Beneful wet dog food is made with wholesome ingredients you can see and delicious flavors your buddy is sure to love. Available in twenty wholesome varieties to help keep him happy and healthy.

Why Beneful Wet Dog Food

  • A variety of proteins such as beef, chicken, lamb, or pork

  • Textures vary from thinly diced Chopped Blends™ to big hearty chunks in 
    Hearty Roasters®, all with real ingredients you can see

  • Accents like carrots, barley, rice, and green beans

  • Convenient sizes for your dogs from 3oz convenient multipacks to 10oz resealable tubs

Available In

  • Twenty wholesome varieties

  • Prepared Meals™, Hearty Roasters®, Medleys, and Chopped Blends™


  • Real, wholesome ingredients
  • Dry and wet foods contain complete and balanced nutrition
  • Dry and wet foods include antioxidants and omega-rich ingredients 

Beneful Brand Baked Delights® Dog Snacks

Beneful brand Baked Delights dog snacks are lovingly crafted and then oven-baked. Your dog will love discovering the delightful varieties of tastes and textures.

Why Beneful Brand Baked Delights®

  • Dogs’ favorite flavors, like bacon, cheese, beef, and peanut butter

  • An assortment of textures, from savory shortbread cookie dog snacks to crispy, airy crackers 

Available In

  • Beneful brand Baked Delights® Dog Snacks Stars™ - Shortbread cookie dog snacks made with bacon and cheese, bursting with flavor

  • Beneful brand Baked Delights® Dog Snacks Stars™ - Shortbread cookie dog snacks made with chicken and cheese, bursting with flavor

  • Beneful brand Baked Delights® Dog Snacks Hugs™ - Crispy dog snacks with soft, savory centers, made with beef and cheese

  • Beneful brand Baked Delights® Dog Snacks Snackers™ - Oven-baked with soft, savory centers, made with peanut butter (natural and artificial) and cheese flavors

  • Beneful brand Baked Delights® Dog Snacks Quacks®  - Crispy dog snack crackers with cheese and hickory smoke flavors

  • 4.9/5

This delicious wet dog food is made with real turkey and finely chopped ingredients you can actually see, like sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach. The tender, easy-to-chew bites come in just a touch of sauce and are made with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.  Whether served on its own as a complete and balanced meal for your adult dog, or used as a topper or mixer with dry food, Beneful Chopped Blends is sure to be a bit hit with your dog’s tummy and taste buds.

Grain free and delicious are together at last. This natural dry dog food recipe stars US farm-raised chicken as the #1 ingredient and accents of real blueberries, pumpkin, and spinach. And because there’s no grains, no animal by-product meal, and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, you can be sure that inside every bag is a whole lot of what your dog loves, and nothing you don’t.

  • 4.7/5

Good food starts with good ingredients. And that’s what you’ll find at the heart of our calcium-rich Healthy Puppy food. We take our #1 ingredient, real US farm-raised chicken, and blend it to perfection with whole grains and accents of peas and carrots. We also include DHA, high-quality protein, and the right mix of vitamins and minerals to help support proper growth and development in your puppy. 

  • 4.7/5

For this calorie-smart recipe, we take our #1 ingredient, real US farm-raised chicken, and blend it to delicious perfection with whole grains and accents of fruits and vegetables. It’s 100% nutrition with a taste your adult dog is guaranteed* to love — all at 10% fewer calories than Beneful Originals With Real Beef. Talk about a delicious way to help your adult dog maintain a healthy weight.

Give your little dog the big meaty flavor he craves. Made with real beef, chicken, or salmon plus a blend of veggies and wild rice you can see, this 12-count variety pack offers three delicious recipes to delight your small dog from tail to taste buds. These three-ounce meals are full of protein and offer 100% complete and balanced nutrition for your adult small dog. What’s more, every meal’s high-quality nutrition and great taste comes with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Plus, it’s all chopped into tiny easy-to-chew bites with your little guy’s small mouth and teeth in mind.

When it comes to treating your small dog, size certainly matters. But so do taste and ingredients. That’s why Beneful IncrediBites Crunchy Minis have blended flavorful, wholesome ingredients and essential vitamins and minerals into every crunchy bite. It’s proof that a little treat can go a long way in helping to keep your little guy at his very best.

From their little tummies to their larger-than-life personalities, small dogs deserve a special kind of treat to help keep them happy and at their very best. That’s why there’s Beneful IncrediBites Meaty Minis. Made with quality ingredients, these meaty snacks deliver a special mix of wholesome and oh-so-delicious in every little bite.

  • 4.6/5

This nutrient-rich small dog recipe features all the wholesome ingredients you want, blended into a flavorful recipe your four-legged friend will love. We start with real beef, our #1 ingredient, and blend it to perfection with energy-fueling whole grains, accents of carrots and peas, and no artificial flavors or added sugars. This delightful mix of tender and crunchy mini bites also boasts 26 grams of high-quality protein per cup to help fuel his little body with a healthy energy and keep him at his loveable best.

  • 4.7/5

Your little dog has a big appetite for good taste, which is why Purina Beneful IncrediBites With Real Chicken adult dry dog food features real farm-raised chicken as its number one ingredient and accents of real vegetables. It also features 27 grams of protein per cup to support his strong muscles and is nutrient-rich to support the higher metabolism of small dogs. The tender and crunchy mini bite kibble are the perfect size and texture for his mouth and teeth, making mealtime enjoyable and delicious. Beneful IncrediBites With Real Chicken is made with no added sugar and provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult small dogs, so you can feel good about dinner time with your little love. Fill his bowl with the goodness of real ingredients, and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from knowing you're giving him food that was made just for him.