Cat Breeds That Need a Little Attention

Cats that only need a little attention are good for busy families who are frequently on the go. Calm cats can be left alone for long periods of time, like while their owners are at work all day. However, this doesn’t mean you can neglect them — low-maintenance cats still need love and attention just as other breeds do.

Although they may be reserved at first, introverted cats eventually will warm up to people and become attached to their family. They typically tend to have mellow, sweet temperaments. Independent cats also are not overly territorial.

Cats requiring only a little attention enjoy a peaceful and quiet environment, so they might not be suitable for families with loud, lively children. Laidback, relaxed households are good candidates for a low-maintenance cat. 

Good examples of low-maintenance cats include the British Shorthair, Persian, Ragdoll, Russian Blue, and Scottish Fold. 

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