Peterbald Cat Breed

Small to medium, with males weighing 8 to 10 pounds and females weighing 6 to 8 pounds
All colors and/or markings are acceptable

The elegant naked Peterbald is an athletic breed that looks like she is performing aerial ballet when she plays. This highly intelligent, social feline gets along well with adults, children, dogs, and other pets, but does not like to be left alone for long periods. The Peterbald’s curiosity and spirited nature are entertaining, and her affectionate disposition makes her a beloved companion.

Did you know? The Peterbald coat ranges from smooth bald to a short brushed coat. Kittens usually are born with hair, but lose the coat as they mature, which can take up to two years. Though hairless, Peterbalds should be wiped down regularly to remove the sebaceous oils that collect on their skin and could become sticky to the touch.