Savannah Cat Breed

Medium to large, with males and females weighing 8 to 25 pounds
Short, slightly coarse
Black, brown spotted tabby, black silver spotted tabby, black smoke

Beautiful and unusual, the Savannah is a domestic hybrid that has the exotic look of its ancestor, the African Serval, with striking dark spots, bold markings, hooded eyes, and a short, thick tail. Known for her remarkable personality, the adventurous Savannah loves to play in water, can be trained to walk on leash and enjoys playing fetch. This affectionate cat forms strong bonds with her family and does best with daily interaction.

Did you know?

The Savannah resulted from the crossbreeding of a domestic female cat to a male African Serval. The kitten, born April 7, 1986, was named “Savannah,” from which the breed takes its name. This first-generation hybrid cross had traits of both domestic cats and African Serval.

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