Selkirk Rex

  • Size

    Medium to large, with males weighing 11 to 16 pounds and females weighing 6 to 12 pounds
  • Coat

    Longhair — long, dense, soft, curly; shorthair — short, dense, soft, curly
  • Sheds

  • Color

    White, black, red, cream, chocolate and lavender, plus various patterns and shadings
  • Vocalization

  • Temperament

    Mellow, sweet, playful

The naturally curly Selkirk Rex is one of the newest natural breeds. With a large, dense body, similar to a British Shorthair, this cat has two coat varieties: shorthair and longhair. A wonderful, people-oriented breed, the Selkirk Rex also gets along well with other cats and cat friendly dogs. Patient and tolerant, the Selkirk Rex adapts easily to most living situations. This healthy, sturdy breed is clever, intelligent and entertaining.

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