Grain Free Cat Food


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Why Grain Free Cat Food?

Grain free cat food is made without wheat, corn, rice and other grains. Is grain free good for cats? The choice of a grain free wet cat food, dry cat food or grain free kitten food is largely a personal decision.  

The best grain free cat foods are complete and balanced to support your cat’s health. Choosing a grain free diet for your cat shouldn’t mean compromising on flavor, texture, variety or nutrition.  

Explore our grain free diets for cats, and you’re sure to find something (or several things) your cat will love. 

Benefits of Grain Free Cat Food

  • High quality carbohydrates for energy  
  • Made with real meat, poultry or fish 
  • 100% complete and balanced for adult cats 

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Quality Ingredients

We only select dog and cat food ingredients for nutrition that helps your pet live his best life possible. If you’ve ever wondered what the ingredients in your pet’s food do, read on to find out.

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