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Friskies TurChicken Wet Cat Food 40 Ct Variety Pack

By Friskies

Products included in this pack


  • 100% Complete & Balanced Nutrition for Adult Cats
  • Includes All Essential Nutrients that support the maintenance of adult cats
  • Strong, lean muscles supported by high-quality protein
  • Taurine helps support, healthy vision
  • Made with real chicken or turkey

Product Description

TurChicken. It’s what you get when you combine flavors of turkey and chicken in one 40-count variety pack, or VarPack, if you will. We will. We did! It has 10 cans each of Meaty Bits Chicken Dinner In Gravy, Extra Gravy Chunky With Turkey In Savory Gravy, Shreds With Turkey & Giblets In Gravy, and Extra Gravy Chunky With Chicken In Savory Gravy.

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