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Tidy Cats® Breeze® Cat Pads & Pellets Refill Bundle Pack

By Tidy Cats


  • Specifically designed for Breeze
  • Bundle pack comes with two packs of 4-count original cat pads and one 7 lb. bag of original pellets (two months of refills for one cat)
  • Anti-tracking to minimize mess around the box 
  • 99.9% dust free 
  • Change pellets just once a month 
  • Compatible with all Breeze models

Available Sizes

  • bagOne 7 lb. bag of pellets & Two 4-count pouches of pads

Product Description

Specially designed for all Breeze Litter Systems, these super-absorbent Breeze cat pads and anti-tracking pellets are an outstanding odor-fighting power couple. (But don’t forget—you can only get this ultra-convenient bundle online.)

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