16 million pets are acquired in the United States annually.

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Only 4 million are adopted from shelters.

Purina® Gateway Study, 2012

We want to change that.

Through years of extensive research, we’ve come to realize that the largest obstacle shelters face today is negative perception.

Shelter pets are all-too-often portrayed as something they’re not: traumatized, unstable, and unhealthy.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

Shelter pets are cute, cuddly, fun, friendly, devoted, loyal, loving, sweet, wise, and adorable.

Our mission is to flip the script.

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now through October 30th when you adopt a pet from a participating organization.

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In The St. Louis Metro Area

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With help from The Shelter Art Foundation, we’ve used real, local, and adoptable shelter pets from around the St. Louis area as models for our campaign.

Using shelter pets as models helps to emphasize that just how beautiful, sweet and playful shelter pets really are.

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