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Purina Dog Chow is always crafted in the USA using high-quality ingredients. It’s been that way since 1926. Because the food we make isn’t just for your dog, it’s for ours, too.

“My grandfather made Dog Chow for forty plus years. He used to tell me that he wouldn’t buy anything else but Dog Chow. Forty years later, I feel completely the same. My grandfather completely trusted the quality of Dog Chow. I see where that trust comes firsthand.”

Bryan C. & Maggie | Quality Assurance, Davenport, IA 

“I promise my dog Beans to use quality ingredients that I’m proud of, like American-raised chicken.”

Rebecca V. & Beans | Quality Specialist, St. Louis, MO

“I trust Dog Chow to feed it to Chloe every single day because I see the high-quality ingredients that go into Dog Chow, and because the standards that we follow are top notch.”

Nick & Chloe | Production, Denver, CO

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