Understanding Dog Food Articles

Learn what animal by-products are and what they contribute to dog food.
Learn why corn is beneficial for dogs.
Meet Just Right® by Purina®: personalized, natural dog food plus vitamins and minerals. By creating a personalized blend, you can help your dog achieve his individual nutrition goals for a happy, healthy life...while celebrating how special he is to you too.
Sometimes puppies can be finicky eaters, but other times serious health issues could be at play. Let’s check into how your puppy is responding to dry dog food.
Knowing how much to feed your puppy can be challenging. Let’s walk through the main determining variables like age, breed size, activity level, and current weight that determine how many calories your puppy needs.
Lamb provides great nutrition and taste, let’s look at lamb as a dog food ingredient to see if it’s right for your dog’s nutrition.
Puppies require nutritionally complete and balanced, regular meals in order for your puppy to grow and develop. Let’s take a look at puppy nutrition together: what to feed, when to feed and when to switch to an adult food.
Puppies and adult dogs have different nutritional needs. Learn when your puppy can start eating adult dog food and to how make the transition.
15% of dogs suffer from skin allergies. See how feeding a sensitive skin dog food can help manage food related itching, scratching or chewing.
Protein is one of the most important nutrients in your dog’s diet. See if you should consider feeding a high-protein dog food to your dog.
As your dog gets older, his dietary needs will start to change. Learn when you should consider switching to a senior dog food by knowing what to look for.
Different people have different ideas about what a holistic dog food should look like. See if you should consider feeding a holistic dog food to your dog.