• Size

  • Height

    Females – 22 inches at the withers; Males – 23 ½ inches at the withers
  • Weight

    Females – 57 to 71 pounds; Males – 70 to 84 pounds
  • Coat

  • Color

    Solid gray or gradations of gray up to black
  • Hypoallergenic

  • Energy

  • Activities

    Conformation, Herding, Guarding, and Agility
  • Indoor/Outdoor

  • Suitable for Apartments

  • Suitable for Children


This ancient Alpine breed, believed to be 2,000 years old, was originally developed to guard and herd livestock. Today, he is widely recognized as a loving family companion. Gentle, patient and caring, the Bergamasco thrives on human attention and doesn’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. His signature, considerably hypoallergenic coat doesn’t require much grooming other than occasional bathing, but his nails should be clipped and teeth brushed regularly.

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