Canaan Dog

  • Size

  • Height

    Males – 20 to 24 inches, Females – 19 to 23 inches
  • Weight

    Males – 45 to 55 pounds, Females – 35 to 45 pounds
  • Coat

  • Color

    White with a mask, with or without additional patches of color in shades of black through brown, or solid colored in shades of black through brown with or without white trim
  • Energy

  • Activities

    Tracking, Herding, Police and Military Work, Agility, Obedience, Conformation
  • Indoor/Outdoor


The Canaan Dog dates back to Biblical times when he guarded the Israelites’ herds and flocks in the Land of Canaan. While loyal and loving with his family, the Canaan Dog is highly territorial and suspicious of strangers. He is best suited as a one-person or one-family companion. The Canaan Dog has a harsh, double coat that protects him from extreme temperatures and does not require much grooming.

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