Males: 28 inches; Females: 26 inches
Males: 130 to 150 pounds; Females: 100 to 120 pounds
Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Draft and Water Tests, Water Rescue, Carting, Weight Pulling

Also called “Newf” or “Newfie,” the Newfoundland is one of the largest dog breeds in the world. He’s a gentle giant who thrives on human interaction.


Newfoundlands are sweet, friendly and intelligent, which makes them easy to train. Their patient and devoted nature make them great for families with children. In fact, their patience with children has earned the breed the reputation of “nanny dog.”

Despite being a low-energy breed, Newfs do need daily exercise. They enjoy swimming, hiking, long walks and other exercises they can do with their favorite people. Due to the breed’s size, early and consistent training and socialization are crucial to create a well-mannered Newfie.


The Newf is a strong, heavy-boned, multipurpose working dog. He’s a skilled swimmer, equipped with partially webbed paws and natural lifesaving instincts. His thick, plush coat protects him from the frigid waters of colder climes.


9 to 10 years


Standard Newfoundland colors include gray, brown, black and white, and white.


Newfoundlands are moderate shedders. They shed twice a year—usually in the spring and fall. Daily brushing during these seasons can help remove the loose hair. Throughout the rest of the year, weekly brushing will suffice.


A Newfie’s ears may be prone to infection, so it’s important to keep them clean. Newfies may also have a higher risk for elbow and hip dysplasia. Heart disease and urinary stones are also a risk.

Responsible breeders screen for these conditions to help produce the healthiest breed possible.

Best Dog Food for Newfoundland Dogs & Puppies

As one of the world’s largest dog breeds, Newfies require a special diet. A giant breed dog food is specially formulated to meet the unique needs of giant breeds like the Newfoundland.

Newf puppies may also benefit from a large breed-specific puppy food. Large breed puppy foods are formulated with all the essential nutrients Newfies need for their growth and development over the first two years of their life.


Newfoundlands are natural swimmers with enough strength to save a drowning adult man. The breed first served as working dogs on Canadian fishing vessels, performing water rescues as needed.

When they weren’t rescuing fishermen who had gone overboard, Newfs drew in heavy fishing nets and then carted the load to market.

The breed was eventually exported to England where it soared in popularity. As a result, most Newfoundland dogs, even purebreds living in Newfoundland, are of English descent.

Today, Newfs spend their time working as rescue dogs or as giant, loveable family dogs.


  • The Newfoundland was a popular breed among several US presidents, including James Buchanan, Rutherford B. Hayes and Ulysses Grant. Buchanan’s Newf was something of a celebrity at the White House thanks to the way she always kept at least one eye on the President at all times.
  • Senator and Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy owned a Newfie named Brumus. He served as a true nanny dog, helping the senator and his wife look after their 11 children.
  •  Newfs have the lung capacity for long-distance swimming and the strength to bring drowning victims to shore.
  • A Newf named Seaman traveled alongside Lewis and Clark throughout their North American expedition. Seaman earned his keep as a hunter and guardian. He even warded off a charging buffalo. His heroic nature is celebrated in as many as 10 monuments across the nation.
  • Another famous Newfoundland is memorialized at Newstead Abbey in England. Lord Byron wrote of his Newf, Botswain: “Who possessed Beauty without Vanity / Strength without Insolence / Courage without Ferocity / And all the Virtues of Man without his Vices.” Botswain was so highly regarded by Byron that the Newf’s tomb at Newstead is larger than the poet’s.