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Learn what animal by-products are and what they contribute to dog food.
How Purina Supports Incredible Causes
Peanut butter and other nuts and seeds are high in fat and calories. Learn from expert veterinarian experts if your dog can safely eat nuts and seeds including legumes and soy.
Oranges, tangerines and grapefruit are packed with vitamins. Does that mean they’re good for your dog? Learn if dogs can eat oranges and other citrus fruits from expert veterinarians.
During the summer months, when nature supplies us with an abundance of treats in the form of luscious summer fruits, you may be tempted to share these healthy indulgences with the dogs you love. But is it healthy – and safe – to feed fruit to dogs?
This October, Purina and the Urban Resource Institute (URI) teamed up to open Manhattan’s first ever dog park inside a domestic violence shelter. Purina sponsored the design and construction of the park at the Urban Women’s retreat to provide victims of domestic abuse, their families and their pets a safe, welcoming environment where they can be together.
Whether or not dogs can eat corn is a hot topic among dog owners. Find out how corn can contribute to a balanced diet for your dog.
The holidays are a time of happy celebration with family and friends, but it’s important to remember our pets. House guests, festive foods, decorations, and outside gifts can all pose a risk to the health of cats and dogs. Purina vet, Dr. Zara, shares her tips for a seamless holiday season.
Stop your dog or cat from eating grass with 5 unique tips that will keep your pet cool, happy and occupied during the hot summer months.