Healthy Weight Dog Food

Our healthy weight dog food is specially formulated to help dogs achieve or maintain their veterinarian-recommended weight and ideal body condition.


Why Healthy Weight Dog Food?

Maintaining a healthy weight and ideal body condition is essential for your dog’s overall wellbeing. If your dog needs help maintaining an ideal body condition, a weight management dog food may be the best food for them. Even if your dog needs a weight management dog food, that doesn’t mean you’ll be depriving them of enjoyment.  

We offer a variety of different weight management dog foods, including healthy weight wet foods and healthy weight dry foods, created to make mealtime satisfying while helping your dog maintain their ideal weight.

Benefits of Healthy Weight Dog Food

  • Made with real meat or poultry 
  • Formulated to help dogs maintain a healthy weight and body 
  • 100% complete and balanced for adult dogs 

Learn More About Healthy Weight Dog Food and Feeding

How much food should you feed your dog? Purina has a helpful dog feeding chart so you can determine how much your dog should eat. Feeding your dog the right amount of food each day helps ensure he gets the nutrition he needs.
Your dog’s weight loss program starts with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. Learn about choosing the proper food and right activities to help your dog lose weight.
beagle puppy eating from a dog bowl

Quality Ingredients

We only select dog and cat food ingredients for nutrition that helps your pet live his best life possible. If you’ve ever wondered what the ingredients in your pet’s food do, read on to find out.

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