Just Right®

Every dog is unique. By combining Purina's proven expertise with your firsthand knowledge of your dog, we can make sure he gets the personalized, natural nutrition plus vitamins and minerals that he needs to thrive.

Just Right

Why Just Right by Purina?

Because each dog is unique, we believe the best nutrition for dogs is personalized. And because no one knows your dog as well as you do, the best food for him should combine our nutritional expertise with the kind of personal knowledge and experience only you can provide.


Sign up and tell us all about your dog – from basic information about his age, breed and size – to details that owners know best, like his activity level or taste preferences. We listen closely and combine your knowledge with ours to deliver natural blend of food that meets your dog's combination of nutritional goals – whether it's maintaining healthy skin and coat, managing a healthy body condition, supporting bone and joint health, and more. Choose between real chicken, salmon or lamb as the first ingredient, then select a blend with grains or go grain-free. The choice is yours.

Get your dog’s blend delivered directly to your doorstep for no additional cost, with our free Auto-Replenishment service ensuring that you never run out of dog food again. With tailored feeding instructions, featured ingredients, his photo on the bag, and personalized nutrition inside, you can be sure that your dog’s food was personalized for his nutritional needs. 

VISIT JustRightPetFood.com to personalize a natural blend for your dog.

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