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Moist & Meaty Dog Food

It’s not dry dog food. It’s not wet dog food. It’s Moist & Meaty. And this 100% complete and balanced dog food comes in a variety of mouthwatering meaty flavors for your adult dog. So, grab a pouch and serve up the smiles!

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People Hate Saying It. Dogs Love Eating It.

Overcome your moistophobia by feeding your dog the delicious taste of Moist & Meaty.

Sounds So Wrong. Tastes So Right.

Serve up the smiles at mealtime!

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Share Your #MoistFace On Instagram

We want to see the face you and your dog make when you hear the word “moist”! Share your photos with #MoistFace and tag @PurinaMoistAndMeaty.

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Feed As A Treat, Topper Or Meal

Discover your dog’s favorite way to eat Moist & Meaty!

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