How do you give your kitten a great start?


With more than 50 years in the cat food game, we love our furry friends as much as you do - and know how important proper nutrition is. That's why our kitten food formulas have essential nutrients, including those found in a mother's milk. 

Which Food Will Make Your Kitten Smitten?

Whether your kitty prefers wet or dry food, you can be sure it contains all the nutrients essential for her growth and development. 

Purina Kitten Chow Naturals Kitten Food

Say hello to our newest kitten formula! Naturals is made with real chicken and has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Purina Kitten Chow Nurture Kitten Food

Nurture is made with real chicken and contains antioxidants - which help to provide your kitten with strong immune health.

Fancy Feast® Kitten Food

Fancy Feast® Kitten provides your kitten with more water than dry food and has a soft texture that's easy to chew.

"How to Kitten" 101

Got kitten questions? We've got you covered.

Kitten Care: Must-Know Tips for Raising Kittens

Our friends at Petfinder know just what your kitten needs in order to develop into a healthy cat. (Hint: it's all about proper care and training.)

What Does Your New Kitten Need?

Bringing a kitten into your home? We're here to help you check all the boxes and ensure a smooth transition.

When to Switch from Kitten Food to Cat Food

We'll help break down whether or not your kitten is ready to make the switch to cat food.

Wet vs. Dry Food: Which is Better?

There are many benefits to feeding your kitten wet food - explore what the experts have to say.

Purina Cat Chow My Cat Perks

All the Cool Cats (and Kittens) Join Perks

We want to reward you for being an awesome kitten parent! Sign up to become a Perks member and you'll automatically get 10,000 points. The more points you earn, the more rewards you can score.

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Nurture your kitten with lots of love and our complete nutrition.
Made with real chicken for the natural nutrition kittens need and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

A delightfully smooth pate with tantalizing chicken, made specially for kittens.

A scrumptious pate with delectable ocean whitefish, made specially for kittens.

A delightfully smooth pate with sensational salmon, made specially for kittens.

A delightfully smooth pate with tantalizing turkey, made specially for kittens.