Kitten Behavior

If you have a new kitten, understanding their behavior can be a challenge. While every kitten is unique, there are common behavioral traits that all cats share. Purina’s kitten behavior experts are here to help you understand what your young cat’s behavior means, from body language to changes in their daily rituals. With this collection of helpful articles, packed with tips and information from Purina experts, you'll be well prepared to handle any behaviors your kitten exhibits. So you can help set them up for a lifetime of healthy interaction with you, your household, and the world.

Decoding Kitten Behavior2-4 minutes
How to Keep a Kitten Entertained: Tips for Playful Kittens2-4 minutes
Understanding Scared Kittens: How to Get a Scared Kitten to Trust You2-4 minutes
The History of Cats2-4 minutes