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Every day we push forward, together, to help pets live their best life possible. Our team of nutritionists, behaviorists, veterinarians and other specialists are continually innovating and shaping the future of pet care for your pets and ours.

Allergen Reduction

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Backed by more than a decade of research, Purina Pro Plan LiveClear is a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind cat food that reduces the major allergen in cat hair and dander by an average of 47% starting in the third week of daily feeding.

Learn more about Purina Pro Plan LiveClear:

Healthy Aging

Purina Product innovation helps aging dogs health

What if your older dog could think more like his younger self? For more than a decade, we’ve been dedicated to finding ways to promote healthy aging in our pets. Our research has led to powerful breakthroughs in nutrition.

Discover our healthy aging formulas:

Rethinking Digestive Health

Breakthrough Weight Loss

We strive to find ways to use the power of nutrition to help pets live their best lives. That’s why we’ve added live probiotics to many Pro Plan formulas, as well as into Purina ONE Digestive Health Formula for dogs, to support their digestive and immune health. It’s also why our Purina ONE Sensitive Skin & Stomach formula has added prebiotic fiber to support cats’ digestive health. Our pet nutrition experts used decades of research to craft formulas that can support your pet’s digestive wellness, and they continue to research and innovate every day.

See our latest innovations in pet digestive health:

The Power of Probiotics

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We love exploring the untapped power of probiotics. Our newest discovery? Finding a unique strain that can help dogs maintain calm behavior. Backed by impressive research, Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements Calming Care helps support dogs with anxious behaviors and promotes a positive emotional state, while helping dogs cope with stressful situations.

Take a closer look at our breakthrough supplements:

Calming Care Package
  • Rating:5 out of 5 stars
Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements Calming Care

Results have been fantastic! The dogs are less anxious. All of the dogs are better able to cope with loud noises and new people. Great product!

Reviewed By: - Mel1

Litter Reinvented

Litter Reinvented

When it comes to product innovations, cat litter is no exception. We continuously work to find new and innovative ways to make the litter box chore a better experience for all.

Discover our newest litter innovations:


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New and novel pet food experiences are always on our horizon. As pet owners ourselves, we relentlessly pursue innovative ways to give pets the best life possible. The result? One-of-a-kind product innovations leading the pet industry.

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“Never be satisfied that what has
been achieved is sufficient.”

— William Danforth, Purina Founder



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