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We know what dogs love.



There’s a new treat in town. Purina Prime Jerky Tenders are limited-ingredient, tender, meaty treats made with three tasty proteins dogs love: With Real Venison, With Real Bison, or featuring Real Turkey as the #1 ingredient.


Prime Jerky Tenders also contain no corn, wheat or soy and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and are produced in USA facilities.



Purina brought something novel to the dog chew segment: a chew that caters to a dog’s instincts in a naturally edible way. Prime Bones is a safe, long-lasting chew in three tasty protein varieties: With Wild Venison, sourced from deer who roam the mountain and alpine regions around Victoria, Australia; With Pasture-Fed Bison, sourced from family ranches across North America; and With Wild Boar, sourced from free-range animals found throughout the Outback of New South Wales, Australia.


Prime Bones gives your dog a taste of the adventure he craves without ever leaving the house, and satisfies his instinctual love of chewing.

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