• Real, high-quality chicken is the #1 ingredient 
  • Promotes concentration, problem-solving, and trainability 
  • 30% Protein and 20% Fat supports age-appropriate strength and endurance in active puppies  
  • Bone-supporting nutrients calcium, phosphorus & essential vitamins promote healthy bone growth  
  • High quality protein helps build lean muscles and a healthy heart 
  • Glucosamine supports developing joints and cartilage  
  • Brain-nourishing nutrients including DHA, EPA, taurine, choline, and Vitamin C  

Available Sizes

  • 4 lb bag

    16 lb bag

    24 lb bag

Product Description

Fine-Tuned Nutrition for Athletic Puppies 

Nourish your puppy’s full athletic potential with Pro Plan Sport Development 30/20 formula, fine-tuned nutrition for a healthy growth rate and age-appropriate strength and endurance. This unique formula gives your puppy exceptional daily nutrition plus a brain-supporting nutrient blend that promotes concentration, problem-solving, and trainability. If you’re looking for nutrition to help your puppy excel, Pro Plan Sport Development 30/20 is an excellent choice to help fuel excellence in the show ring, in the field, and during exercise and energetic play.